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Parent Information & Policy Updates

 Parent Involvement Policy

PPEP TEC High School values the involvement of parents and sees it as a critical part in the planning and ongoing evaluation of our educational programs. We would like to share with our parents and the community information on policies related to parental involvement district wide and for our Title I schools, as well as our policy related to the enrollment and education of students who are homeless.

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Policy for Educating Homeless Youth

The McKinney Act of 1987, or P.L. 100-77, ensures that each child of a homeless individual, and each homeless youth shall have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children and youth. Under the Act, schools are prohibited from delaying a homeless child’s entry into school due to delays in obtaining school records. Rules regarding guardianship must be waived for homeless students living with foster parents or relatives other than their legal guardians.

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Homeless Determination Dispute Policy

Disputes may arise between a school and a homeless student, parent, or guardian regarding, among other things, enrollment or transportation eligibility.  The dispute resolution process begins at the time a school challenges the right of a parent, guardian, or unaccompanied youth to enroll a child or youth in school, to continue enrollment in school, or to receive services such as transportation assistance.  This process is applicable when the parent, guardian or unaccompanied youth is attempting to enroll the child or youth in the in-boundary school or the school of origin and there is disagreement as to whether the school is the in-boundary school or the school of origin. It should be noted that when a child or youth completes the final grade level served by the school of origin, the school of origin includes the designated receiving school at the next grade level for all feeder schools (such as when an elementary school feeds into a middle school). (Section 722(g)(3)(I)(ii)).

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PPEP Tec charter school information for parents

School Improvement Letter – Title I

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Asbestos Notification Letter

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NSLP Press Release