Coming Soon-A new Colin L. Powell Learning Center Location!

After more than twenty years leasing a space on Avenida Cochise, the Colin L. Powell Learning Center will have a new home in early 2022.  The new property, a former dental clinic and office was purchased by our parent company PPEP Inc. over the summer and after many months of paperwork and permits with the City of Sierra Vista, construction and refurbishing has begun. 
The staff will enjoy a much larger building with the ability to hold 120 students with ample space to hold classes, activities, and additional student led events.
There have been challenges already with a shortage in materials due to shipping delays across the world and the price of some items predicted to increase between 10 to 25% over the course of the next few months. This led to the purchase of some major items like the industrial air conditioning units now rather than closer to the completion of the project to avoid the increase in budget. 
PPEP Inc.'s building and maintenance office is heading this project partnering with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that this new school is first and foremost safe and conducive to students' learning, as well as keeping the work on track and within budget.
We look forward to sharing our progress with the community as The Grand Opening draws closer.
Source: L. Garcia-PPEP High School District Office