Sports Program at PPEP TEC High School Campuses!

The PPEP TEC High School Program is an interagency program consisting of:
  • Coed Basketball teams at all six campuses
  • Adult Soccer League at the Jose Yepez and Cesar Chavez Campuses in the Yuma area.
    • (A proposal for expanding the soccer program for underage students at several campuses is underway)
  • Cheer Teams at the Celestino Fernandez Campus in Tucson and the Raul Castro Campus in Douglas
    • (Other campuses may start one next season)
Basketball: We are holding regional games, with the two schools in each region playing five games. The season started on February 1st final games will be held on March 29th, 2024.  Contact your local school for more information.
Yuma Region:
Cesar Chavez and Jose Yepez Campuses
Cochise Region:
Colin Powell and Raul Castro Campuses
Pinal/Pima Region:
Alice Paul Campus and Celestino Fernandez Campus
The team from each region that wins the best three out of five games will play in the first annual PPEP TEC High School Basketball Tournament.  The events will begin on Thursday evening April 11th with an awards banquet at the PPEP Inc. Farmworker's Hall of Fame in South Tucson. 
The following morning the three teams will compete in Tucson held at the Kino Sports Complex-Event Center on Friday, April 12th. The tournament will be held from 10 AM to 3 PM.  Admission is free and concessions will be available for sale.  Come and cheer on our hardworking students and staff!  Trophy Ceremony is held directly after the final game.  Photographs and videos are permitted.  
*Checkout our Facebook pages for each of our campuses for highlights*
Celestino Fernandez Campus FB-